In the early stages of the business’ development we bought in units manufactured by external suppliers. When producing a refined window with independent double glazed units and solid-through glazing bars, you are completely reliant on the consistent quality and accuracy of the units used. Faced with poor quality control, it soon became evident that to achieve the standard we required, we would need to invest and take control of the double-glazed unit manufacturing in-house. In 2009, we setup our glazing workshops to develop the production of our unique bespoke sealed units.

Manufactured by trained technicians, our units are comprised of a warm edge spacer bar – visually soft on the eye and with lower thermal transmittance than the aluminium spacer bar. All of our double glazed units have krypton gas-filled cavity as standard. 

Oversight to the whole process of unit manufacture gives us the ability to comply with demanding design specifications. Recent large projects with challenging requirements include Cork St. and New Bond St. in Westminster, where the new windows needed u-values below 1.8 W/m²K, 40% solar gain, 70% minimum light transmission and were subject to sound transmittance limitations.  

Examples of various elements featuring our unique 'refined sightline' independent double glazed units