Our company headquarters is situated in Hereford, and is comprised of a fully equipped joinery, painting and glazing workshops.

Joinery Workshop

Our joinery workshop is staffed by an experienced traditional bench joinery team, skilled in the use of hand tools. Our joinery team do not manufacture using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery. Aside from the design process, none of the manufacture is computerised. We make our products from raw timber, and each are individual and customised. The general theme in our joinery workshop is “never cut corners”; the job needs to be done right. Hidden components are just as important as the elements that will be visible when the product is finished. Staff are selected for their desire and innate ability to produce exceptional workmanship  

Glazing Workshop

In this facility, we are setup to produce our unique custom-made double glazed units, each one carefully made to our exacting standards.

Painting Workshop

This workshop first consists of our large spray shop, where the sash frames and beading are coated prior to the glazed elements being introduced into the sash frames.  

The second element to the paint workshop is on our mezzanine floor where all of the box frames and glazed sash frames are painted to finish by hand.