We provide extensive refurbishment services, upgrading the thermal and acoustic performance of a building through in-depth repairs, draught sealing, restoration and replacement copies of original windows where required. With the support of our joinery and glazing workshops, we are equipped to manufacture any necessary components needed to rebuild decayed and damaged windows to their original detailing.

Problems commonly encountered include water ingress, decayed or painted shut components, rotting sills (particularly on south and west elevations), draughts and damaged glass. These windows have often been neglected for long periods, and show signs of poor quality repair in the past, with filler being applied directly to damp and decayed timber, then painted over.

As standard, we will quote for refurbishment, in-depth repair and draught seals. These go a long way to bringing a single glazed window to proper functionality and if carefully painted, should give many more years of service.

Front and side elevations of a large restoration project at Grange Court, Leominster. Built in 1633, it is the last surviving market house built by John Abel, local master carpenter.


As part of our restoration and refurbishment services we will: 

Strip off old paint on the functioning and mobile areas of window, ensuring the sash frames move freely and close properly.
Replace all staff and parting beading.
Introduce refined draught sealing system. 
Re-glaze broken glass and replace with 3mm float glass, hand-blown cylinder glass or Victorian hand-blown glass, where required.
Replace old pulleys with modern brass pulleys incorporating a sealed ball bearing unit, resulting in smooth and positive action in operation.
Take out the original weights, weigh the sash frames and weigh the original weights. Correct the counterbalance with lead make-up weights.
Rehang the weights on new sash cord, rehang the sash frames, cut in and fit the new beading. Fit a new sash lock, security limiters, if required, and set the window to good working order.